Environmental Review
Imperium Renewables proposal

UPDATE   (8/20/2015)

The release of the draft Environmental Impact Statements for the Westway and Imperium expansion projects, and start of the public comment period will occur on Monday, Aug. 31, 2015.

The two Draft EISs will be released on this page. Along with the draft documents and chapters, there will also be fact sheets summarizing key issue areas, the environmental review process, and the Westway and Imperium expansion projects.

Public Comment

We are providing multiple ways to comment during the expanded 60-day comment period, starting Aug. 31, 2015, and ending Oct. 29, 2015.

Open houses and public hearings will be held on Oct. 1 in Elma, and Oct. 8 in Aberdeen. Additional details will be released Aug. 31 on the project website, as well as through the LISTSERV.

Public engagement is a vital part of the environmental review process, and we look forward to receiving your comments on the analysis and findings in the draft EISs.

Imperium Renewables is proposing expansion of a bulk liquid storage facility at the Port of Grays Harbor in Hoquiam. An environmental review is occurring for this proposal.

Co-lead agencies Ecology and the city of Hoquiam have issued a Determination of Significance (DS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The DS identifies some of the topics that will be examined during the environmental review, seeks public comment, describes how to submit comments on the EIS, and locations of scoping meetings.

The co-lead agencies are asking for the public’s input on these study items as well as other topics that should be evaluated during the environmental review. The comment period for the expanded scoping process is April 10 to May 27. The co-lead agencies will consider all comments. The co-lead agencies will decide what to study in the environmental review after the scoping period ends.

Project proposal

Imperium proposes to expand its existing bulk liquid storage terminal to allow for: the receipt, storage, and shipment of biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, and additional feedstocks for biofuel production such as used cooking oil/waste vegetable oil and animal fat; petroleum products including naphtha, gasoline, vacuum gas oil, jet fuel, No.2 fuel oil, No. 6 fuel and kerosene; crude oil; and renewable fuels such as renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel. Imperium is also applying for permits to store these bulk liquids. The bulk liquids could be shipped by rail, trucks, ships, or barges to and from the facility from the Port of Grays Harbor Terminal 1.

Up to nine storage tanks would be constructed on the site to the north/northwest of Imperium’s existing bulk storage tanks. The new tanks would each have a capacity of 80,000 barrels (3.36 million gallons) for a project total storage capacity of up to 720,000 barrels (30.2 million gallons). The annual maximum throughput for the entire Imperium facility, including the expansion, would be 30 million barrels (1.26 billion gallons) per year. The tanks would be surrounded by a concrete containment wall with the capacity to contain the total volume of a single tank plus an allowance for precipitation.

The existing rail facility would be expanded. Approximately 6,100 feet of track in multiple new rail spurs would be constructed on site in connection with the existing rail line and the existing rail yard would be expanded. The rail car containment area would have the capacity to contain the total volume of a single rail car plus an allowance for precipitation.

Pipelines would be installed connecting Terminal 1 with the tank farm. One 24-inch-diameter pipe and one 16-inch-diameter pipe would be constructed from the tank farm and routed across an existing pipe bridge over the existing rail line. The two pipes would be routed to Terminal 1 following a similar route as the existing Imperium tank farm piping.

A marine vapor combustion unit would be installed west of the existing Imperium tank farm and would be used to handle displaced vapors during vessel loading. A new building or buildings would be constructed on the site to replace the existing mobile trailers. The new buildings would provide offices and laboratory, maintenance, and warehouse facilities.

No in-water work is proposed.

The company estimates that the terminal operations would handle a maximum of 730 unit trains a year (loaded and empty), or two unit trains per day. The company estimates that the terminal operations would handle up to 200 ships or barges a year (400 entry and departure transits), or one per day.

Existing Operations

Imperium currently operates a biodiesel facility at the Port of Grays Harbor. The facility includes a tank farm consisting of 14 storage tanks with a total of 18 million gallons of storage. It also includes a rail yard with five parallel tracks capable of handling a 90-car unit train. The facility receives and ships biodiesel and oils via train, truck and vessels. These existing operations will continue and are separate from the expansion proposal.

Project Documents

April 4, 2014 - Determination of Significance (DS)

February 22, 2013 - SEPA Checklist


Imperium Renewables
Facility Site ID # 6836916

Port of Grays Harbor, Grays Harbor County at 46.9711N/ 123.8544W

Ecology Point of Contact:
Diane Butorac
Regional Planner
Southwest Regional Office
Department of Ecology
(360) 407-6594