Environmental Review
Scoping Meeting Ground Rules

The Agencies are committed to providing safe and effective scoping meetings. Public input is a very important part of scoping. Scoping meetings and the scoping period are an opportunity to involve the public in the environmental review process and hear suggestions, questions, and concerns.

The Agencies ask all participants to honor the ground rules, to help maintain an open, secure, and respectful tone for each meeting, and allow everyone’s voice to be heard equally. Use of these ground rules will support productive and civil meetings. Individuals who do not follow the ground rules and create and unsafe or intimidating environment will be asked to leave the meeting.

Ground Rules:

Intimidating behavior will not be tolerated because it creates a disrespectful and threatening environment. Examples of intimidation that are prohibited include:

  • Confronting, blocking, or interfering with attendees when they approach, enter, or engage in the scoping meeting venue.
  • Conducting rallies or demonstrations at the entrance or within the scoping meeting venue.
The Agencies will monitor the number of people entering the meeting space and, based on the safe capacities of these areas, may close the space to additional attendance if facility capacity is reached. When people depart and space becomes available, additional people will be allowed to enter.

The Agencies are committed to providing a safe and effective public meeting. To provide everyone an opportunity to speak safely, we ask for your cooperation. Some actions are prohibited because they create an intimidating atmosphere or reduce the overall time allotted for people to speak so that fewer people are able to provide comments.

  • In anticipation that many people want to provide oral comments, a time limit of two minutes per speaker is established for all scoping meetings and will be enforced.
  • Speakers will be invited to the podium in the order they appear on the sign-in sheets.
  • Silent expressions of support or opposition by giving a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” or raising one’s hand or a small sign for a few seconds are allowed if they do not disrupt speakers.
  • Clapping, cheering or jeering disrupts speakers and is prohibited. Such noise contributes to an intimidating atmosphere.
  • Speakers may be stopped when disruptive behavior such as sign waving or a mass activity like standing up as a group occurs.
  • Signs no larger than 100 square inches (such as 10” x 10”) are allowed in the public comment areas. Signs should not be held up for extended periods as they block the view of others.
  • Loudspeakers, flashing lights, or other visual or audible disturbances are not permitted.

The Agencies reserve the right to close the meeting at any time if disruptions interfere with the opportunity for participants to make oral comments before an audience or there is a safety risk.



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