Grays Harbor environmental review
Westway Expansion Projects

On August 31, 2015, the City of Hoquiam and the Department of Ecology made the Draft EIS below available for review and comment.

Printed copies of the Draft EIS are also publicly available at Hoquiam City Hall, Ecology Southwest Region offices in Lacey and in the following libraries: Aberdeen Timberland Library, Centralia Timberland Library, Hoquiam Timberland Library, Lacey Timberland Library, and Olympia Timberland Library.

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Intro Executive Summary 674 KB
Chapter 1 Introduction 94 KB
Chapter 2 Proposed Action and Alternatives 283 KB
Chapter 3 Affected Environment, Impacts and Mitigation 81 KB
3.1 Earth 473 KB
3.2 Air 422 KB / Factsheet
3.3 Water 438 KB
3.4 Plants 313 KB / Factsheet
3.5 Animals 395 KB / Factsheet
3.6 Energy and Natural Resources 116 KB
3.7 Noise and Vibration 389 KB / Factsheet
3.8 Land and Shoreline Use 212 KB
3.9 Aesthetics, Light and Glare 708 KB
3.10 Recreation 267 KB / Factsheet
3.11 Historic and Cultural Preservation 276 KB / Factsheet
3.12 Tribal Resources 327 KB / Factsheet
3.13 Public Services and Utilities 121 KB
3.14 Hazardous Materials 174 KB
3.15 Rail Traffic 606 KB / Factsheet
3.16 Vehicle Traffic and Safety466 KB / Factsheet
3.17 Vessel Traffic 640 KB / Factsheet
Chapter 4 Environmental Health and Safety  
4.1 Introduction 116 KB
4.2 Applicable Regulations 156 KB
4.3 Risk Considerations109 KB
4.4 Environmental Health Risks – Terminal (Onsite) 239 KB / Factsheet
4.5 Environmental Health Risks – Rail Transport 274 KB / Factsheet
4.6 Environmental Health Risks – Vessel Transport 224 KB / Factsheet
4.7 Impacts on Resources 249 KB
Chapter 5 Extended Rail and Vessel Transport 754 KB
Chapter 6 Cumulative Impacts 947 KB
Chapter 7 Economics, Social Policy and Cost-Benefit Analysis 533 KB
Chapter 8 Distribution List 50 KB
Chapter 9 References 381 KB
Appendix A Scoping Report 2.4 MB
Appendix B Laws and Regulations 293 KB
Appendix C Tsunami Impact Modeling and Analysis 523 KB
Appendix D Air Data 526 KB
Appendix E FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps 3.9 MB
Appendix F Special-Status Species 60 KB
Appendix G Noise Data 5.0 MB
Appendix H Local Policies Governing Land and Shoreline Use 153 KB
Appendix I Local Policies Governing Aesthetics, Light, and Glare 135 KB
Appendix J Cultural Resources Technical Report 3.7 MB
Appendix K Rail Traffic Technical Information 785 KB
Appendix L Vehicle Traffic Analysis 900 KB
Appendix M Risk Assessment Technical Report 253 KB
Appendix N Oil Spill Modeling 567 KB
Appendix O Economic Impact Analysis 237 KB
Appendix P Census Block Group Data 121 KB
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Note: Ecology and the City of Hoquiam (co-lead agencies) are aware that a number of scoping comments were not included in Appendix A of the Draft Environmental Impact Statements for the Westway and Imperium Terminals Expansion Proposals. Many of you have alerted us of this omission.

We would like to assure you that even though not included in the Draft EISs, these comments, as well as the ones printed, were each read and considered by the co-lead agencies. The comments were also reviewed and considered by the consultants charged with preparing the studies. We apologize for the omission.

The complete archive of scoping comments is available to download. (154MB ZIP file)

Audio recordings of the scoping meetings (MP3 audio files):

All scoping comments will be included in the Final EISs for each proposal.


Westway Terminal Company is proposing an expansion of a bulk liquid storage facility at the Port of Grays Harbor in Hoquiam. An environmental review is occurring for this proposal.

Co-lead Agencies Ecology and the city of Hoquiam have issued a Determination of Significance (DS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The DS identifies areas of study that will be examined during the environmental review.

The co-lead agencies are asking for the public’s input on these study items as well as other topics that should be evaluated during the environmental review. The comment period for the expanded scoping process is April 10 to May 27. The co-lead agencies will consider all comments. The co-lead agencies will decide what to study in the environmental review after the scoping period ends.

Project proposal

Westway proposes expanding its existing bulk liquid storage terminal to allow for the receipt of crude oil unit trains, storage of crude oil from these trains, and shipment of crude oil by vessel and/or barge from Port of Grays Harbor Terminal 1.

According to the project proposal, the Westway expansion project would be done in two phases. The information below includes the proposed construction and operations for both phases.

Five new storage tanks would be constructed on the site to the south of Westway’s existing bulk storage tanks. The new tanks would each have a capacity of 200,000 barrels (8.4 million gallons) for a project total storage capacity of 1 million barrels (42 million gallons). The annual maximum throughput would be 17.8 million barrels (749.9 million gallons) per year. The tanks would be surrounded by a concrete containment wall with the capacity to contain the total volume of a single tank plus an allowance for precipitation.

The existing rail facility on the site would be expanded from two short spurs with a total of 18 loading/unloading spots to four longer spurs with a total of 80 loading/unloading spots. The rail car containment area would have the capacity to contain the total volume of a single rail car plus an allowance for precipitation.

A new pipeline would connect the new tanks, via an existing pipeline bridge, to the Port’s Terminal 1. Work performed on the terminal dock would be limited to the addition of loading arms and parts of a marine vapor combustion system.

There would be no in-water work.

Construction of the expanded rail facility would involve demolition of an existing wood frame warehouse and construction of additional office space and support facilities.

The company estimates that terminal operations would handle 458 unit trains a year (loaded and empty) or 1.25 trains every day. The company estimates that the terminal operations would handle 99 to 119 barges a year (198 to 238 entry and departure transits) or approximately one every two days.

Existing Operations

Westway currently operates a methanol storage facility at the Port of Grays Harbor. The facility includes a tank area consisting of four storage tanks with a total of 13.4 million gallons of storage and a rail yard. The facility receives and ships methanol via train, truck and vessels. These existing operations will continue and are separate from the expansion proposal.

Project Documents

April 4, 2014 - Determination of Significance (DS)

March 11, 2014 - Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA)


Westway Terminal Company
Facility Site ID #11981

Port of Grays Harbor, Grays Harbor County at 46.9711N/123.859W

Ecology Point of Contact:
Diane Butorac
Regional Planner
Southwest Regional Office
Department of Ecology
(360) 407-6594

STATUS: Draft EIS issued. Accepting public comment through October 29, 2015


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