Environmental Review
Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview (MBTL) proposal

Cowlitz County and Ecology are co-lead agencies that have prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The final SEPA EIS is posted on the co-leads' joint website.


The Final EIS was issued April 28, 2017. The environmental study is not a permit. It is not an approval or denial of the project. The Final EIS responds to more 267,000 public comments made on the Draft EIS and provides a methodical and unbiased assessment of the probable, significant, and adverse impacts from the proposal. Each comment was read and responded to. Nearly 2,000 people attended three hearings held across the state.

You can read the draft and Final EIS documents and get additional information about the Millennium project at millenniumbulkeiswa.gov.

Existing operations

Millennium currently uses an existing dock to import bulk alumina by vessel, which is stored on site and transported to an Alcoa smelter in Wenatchee. The site is also used to import a small amount of coal by rail for use by the neighboring Weyerhaeuser complex.

Site cleanup

Cleaning up the existing site is Ecology’s first priority for the property. Ecology is overseeing work being done by Northwest Alloys-Alcoa and Millennium to investigate and cleanup the site under the State’s Model Toxics Control Act. Cleanup efforts at the site are already in progress and are handled separately from the coal export terminal proposal. Learn more on Ecology’s cleanup Web page.

Proposed export terminal

Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview is proposing to build a coal export terminal in Cowlitz County along the Columbia River. A maximum of 44 million metric tons of coal would be brought to the site from mines in the western U.S. by 16, 1.3-mile-long unit trains per day (eight loaded and eight empty). The coal would be stored at the facility in open coal stockpiles, and then loaded on to 840 ships annually for export to Asia.


The final NEPA EIS is expected in 2017. Information on the NEPA EIS is available at: millenniumbulkeiswa.gov.

News Releases

April 28, 2017 Environmental review completed for largest proposed coal export terminal in North America

April 29, 2016 Draft environmental study released for coal export proposal near Longview - Public can comment April 29 through June 13

April 7, 2016 Draft environmental review for proposed Longview coal export terminal set for late April release

Oct 23, 2015 New environmental review schedule for Millennium project - Partnership between Cowlitz County and Ecology works toward April 30, 2016 release

Feb 11, 2014 Environmental study phase to begin for proposed coal terminal in Cowlitz County

Oct 3, 2013 Agencies seek public input on environmental review for Millennium Bulk Terminals - Longview proposal at scoping meetings

Oct 1, 2013 Legal agreement amended to include separate environmental reviews for proposed Longview-area coal shipping terminal

Sept. 24 Oct 1 meeting set in Pasco for public input on scope for Millennium coal export proposal environmental review

Sep 6, 2013: Extended meeting times, ground rules for meetings announced by agencies seeking input on environmental reviews for export terminal proposal

Aug 9, 2013: Scoping to begin Aug. 16 for environmental review of Millennium Bulk Terminals - Longview proposal

May 21, 2013: Cowlitz County, Washington Dept. of Ecology, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Apr 1, 2013: Consultant selected for environmental review of proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals – Longview project

Oct 9, 2012: Ecology, Cowlitz County, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agree on joint environmental review of Millennium coal export proposal

May 18, 2012: Ecology, Cowlitz County to co-lead environmental review of proposed coal terminal near Longview

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Facility Site ID: #29

West of Longview, Cowlitz County at 46.1364 N/ -123.0047 W

Region: Southwest Regional Office (SWRO)

Ecology Point of Contact:
Diane Butorac
Regional Planner
Southwest Regional Office
Department of Ecology