Safer, Healthier, More Sustainable

Green chemistry is the process of designing chemicals and processes to be safer, healthier, and more sustainable. This decreases or eliminates exposure to toxic chemicals for workers, consumers, and the environment. It also encourages using renewable ingredients, reducing energy use, and optimizing other factors that are better for human health and the environment. Learn more about green chemistry or watch this quick video (2 min.) to learn why green chemistry is so important.

Teach green chemistry in K-12 and higher education
Integrating green chemistry principles into your chemistry curriculum will help cultivate the next generation of green chemists. These future chemists will continue to develop safer, healthier products and production methods. Find instructional webinars and teacher development opportunities that can help you bring green chemistry to your classroom.

Make safer products using green chemistry
Creating products without toxic chemicals is the surest way to avoid pollution. Following the principles of green chemistry can help your business be more innovative, profitable, and competitive while protecting employees' health and the environment. Get your company started on the path to safer manufacturing by learning about chemical hazard assessments and safer alternatives.

Is your company already using less hazardous chemicals or making safer products? Apply for Ecology's Safer Chemistry Champion Awards!

Select safer products
Limit your exposure to toxic chemicals by choosing safer cleaning and other products for your home and workplace. Learn how EPA’s new Safer Choice label makes it easy to recognize less toxic products. Ecology staff can also help you have your products evaluated to earn the Safer Choice label.

Green chemistry and continuing education
Looking for a career in the growing field of green chemistry? Ecology works with other organizations to provide professional development opportunities to help you build the skills you need.


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