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Make Safer Products

Are the chemicals you use safe? Are there safer alternatives? Eliminating hazardous chemicals from your products and processes is the greatest step your company can take toward managing dangerous waste.

How we can help

Ecology, other state, and national partners provide information, resources, and assistance to help you use green chemistry principles to create safer products and processes.

Ecology staff can assist companies in researching the health and environmental impacts of chemicals and the safety of possible alternatives. Learn about how we can help with chemical hazard assessments and chemical alternatives assessments. Ecology can also provide technical assistance if your business is interested in having its products evaluated to earn the Safer Choice label.

Learning opportunities
Ecology and other partners offer regular webinars on subjects related to green chemistry. See upcoming webinars or watch a previously recorded webinar.

The path to safer products requires a more educated workforce. Ecology and other partners develop and promote continuing education opportunities to teach chemists how to practice green chemistry.

Informational resources
Ecology is leading the development of Northwest Green Chemistry to advance green chemistry science and technology through collaboration, research, education, and technical assistance.

Ecology has compiled a variety of green chemistry resources.

Ecology wants to recognize green chemistry leaders. Each year the Safer Chemistry Champion Awards honor Washington companies and organizations working hard to create safer products and processes.


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