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The Quick Chemical Assessment Tool (QCAT)

What is QCAT?

The Quick Chemical Assessment Tool (QCAT) is a simple chemical hazard assessment tool used to evaluate chemicals—such as whether a chemical causes cancer, kills fish, or accumulates in people and animals. Using this standard approach to weigh these hazards means you can compare potential chemical ingredients against each other on a level playing field.

QCAT Version 2.0 is here!

Ecology recently updated QCAT and made extensive changes to make the method easier for small and medium companies to use. Improvements include updating internet links and removing sources no longer available, providing greater guidance on using sources that accumulate authoritative lists into one, simple database and providing a grading tool and source checklist.

Get started!

Download the QCAT Methodology and QCAT Blank Report (Appendix 6).
Note: the QCAT Methodology will not be reissued each time an appendix is updated, so download appendices individually if an updated version is available.

 DocumentLast updated
 QCAT Methodology version 2.0 (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 1: Step I Data Sources (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 2: Step II Data Sources (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 3: Example Hazard Comparison Table (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 4: Grading Process (pdf) 08/01/16    
Appendix 5: QCAT Evaluation for Chemicals in Appendix 3 (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 6: QCAT Blank Report (MS Word) 03/31/17    
Appendix 7: Example of Completed QCAT Report (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 8: Chemical Ranking Criteria (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 9: IC2 States’ Chemicals of Concern (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 10: Checklist (pdf) 07/20/16
Appendix 11: QCAT Abbreviations (pdf) 07/20/16
QCAT Grading Tool (MS Excel) 07/20/16

When you finish your assessment, submit your completed worksheet to be posted to the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) Chemical Hazard Assessment Database (CHAD). You can also search CHAD to find free completed QCATs and other chemical hazard assessments.

Training and other assistance

Ecology periodically offers QCAT training workshops. Check for upcoming workshops on our events page.

Ecology also offers technical assistance if your business wants to evaluate chemical alternatives with QCAT or other chemical hazard assessment tools. Contact Brian Penttila at 360-407-6758 to learn more.


How is QCAT different from other chemical hazard assessment tools?

Ecology developed QCAT to help small- and medium-sized companies with limited resources or expertise evaluate the hazards of chemical ingredients and compare potential alternatives. It's not intended to replace more thorough assessment methods like the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals. It works well as an introduction to the hazard assessment process and helps companies make better decisions about what chemicals to use in their products.

QCAT is based on GreenScreen methodology, but evaluates a smaller set of hazard endpoints and uses a smaller set of data.