2014 Safer Chemistry Champion Award Winners

Earth Friendly Products

This company’s Lacey facility manufactures a range of cleaning and household products that are free of formaldehyde, phosphates, caustics, chlorine bleach, and other toxics.

Earth Friendly Products’ operations are carbon-neutral and the company has reduced its non-hazardous waste generation by 90 percent since 2010. The company offers employees $2,000 incentives to buy an environmentally friendly car or install solar panels on their home, and $1,000 to move to within 10 miles of their workplace. Learn more about Earth Friendly Products.

Eco Chemical

This Seattle-based specialty coatings manufacturer has made only water-based, low-VOC, nontoxic paints and coatings since its founding in 1991. The company has product lines for the treated wood industry and for markings on athletic fields.

Eco Chemical ships its products in concentrated form, reducing waste and the energy required for transportation. Its wood stains are shipped in reusable, 275-gallon totes, each of which produces more than 1,100 gallons of stain.

Eco Chemical’s TempLine paint for artificial turf fields can be quickly and safely removed. This allows venues like CenturyLink Field to switch between football and soccer field markings with minimal risk. Learn more about Eco Chemical.

Floral Soil Solutions

This new Everett company has developed a bio-based alternative to the green petroleum-based foam florists use to hold flower arrangements.

Floral Soil Solutions was established to address a growing need for a non-toxic replacement for floral foam. Florists use more than 400 million of the green bricks each year, so there is potentially a large market for a bio-based alternative product.

Floral Soil contains no synthetic additives and is made from coconut husks and an algae extract. The product is compostable, and can be reused to root cut plants or propagate seeds.

Floral Soil Solutions is a spin-off of Mt. Baker Bio, a life science company that has been voted one of Washington’s top 50 green companies in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Redhook Ale Brewery

The popular Woodinville craft brewer replaced its steel bottling line with a plastic system, reducing its water use by 54,792 gallons a year. The switch also reduced the amount of soap needed to lubricate the line, cut its use of antimicrobial disinfectants, and eliminated the chemicals needed to treat wastewater. Those savings came on top of earlier efficiency improvements to the system that saved 240,393 gallons of water and 1,373 gallons of lubricant annually.

In 2013, through work with Puget Sound Energy, Redhook implemented energy efficiency measures that cut the brewery’s energy use by 11.7 percent. Redhook also partnered with the Washington Department of Ecology technical assistance team to find and fix more than 40 compressed air leaks, producing $19,000 a year in electricity savings.

WaferTech LLC

Based in Camas, WaferTech manufactures semiconductors for use in automotive applications, medical devices, smart phones, TVs, digital cameras, and computers. The company has reduced its hazardous waste generation by 94 percent over the past 10 years.

WaferTech recycles more than 55 percent of its daily water use, saving 330 million gallons of water a year - enough to supply 4,000 homes. Since 2003, the quantity of material recycled or reused at WaferTech has grown from 200,000 pounds annually to more than 1.4 million pounds. The materials reused or recycled include toxic chemicals such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and thinner waste.