Hazards on the Homefront

Lewis County Resources

Dr. ToxicWelcome Teachers! You have several free resources to help bring alive the Hazards on the Homefront curriculum for your students.

Lewis County Public Works – Waste Management Services
Dr. Toxic is available to come to your classroom. He engages students in a short game of Hide and Seek for Household Hazards and explains the hazards of many household and garden products. His mission is to help spread the word about the harm that these products pose to human health and the environment when mishandled, misused or improperly disposed. Dr. Toxic will also share safe alternatives from his Green Cleaning Kit that are available from any local store.

To schedule a presentation, contact:
Mark Bronson
Phone: 360.740.1221
Email: Mark.Bronson@lewiscountywa.gov 
Or complete this request form and fax or mail it to the address on the form.
Or visit http://lewiscountywa.gov/publicworks/information-for-teachers for more info.

Waste reduction, reuse and recycling educators are available to help schools set up recycling programs and provide classroom instruction on resource conservation, sustainability and recycling.

Contact: Melanie or Nicole
Phone: 360.740.1452
Email: Melanie.Case@lewiscountywa.gov

HazoHutHazo-Hut and Hazardous Waste Facility

  • Call for tours:  360.740.1221 or 360.740.1481 (weekends and holidays)
  • Facility location: 1411 So. Tower Avenue, Centralia.
  • Hours: 9:00 – 4:00 Wednesdays and the first and third Saturday, or by appointment.

Washington State University Cooperative Extension - Master Recycler/Composter Program
Volunteers are available to visit classrooms to share their knowledge of composting andvermicomposting, and to assist with hands-on projects such as creating mini worm eco-systems. Phone: 360.740.1216.

Educational Service District (ESD) 113
Your ESD, through the Chehalis Basin Education Consortium, can provide instructional support for Hazards on the Homefront, including a Product Kit you can check out for classroom use.
Contact: Carol Boyer
Phone: 360.464.6700
Email: Chehalis Basin Education Consortium

Lewis County Public Health
Environmental Health - Solid and Hazardous Waste Program
Responsibilities include permitting of waste sites, incinerators, demolition sites, and landfills. We also resolve potential public health issues related to solid and hazardous wastes.
Contact: Steve Garrett
Phone: 360.740.1233
Email: Steve.Garrett@lewiscountywa.gov

Pacific Education Institute
Support for senior culminating projects. A consortium of educators from the private and public sector providing support for project-based inquiry programs grounded in Washington State’s educational reform goals. Get involved by partnering with them or bringing them into your classroom.
Phone: 360.705.9294

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