Closed Rulemaking

Chapter 173-527 WAC - Lewis Instream Resources Protection and Water Management Program - WRIA 27 - New Rule

Chapter 173-592 WAC - Reservation of Future Public Water Supply for Clark County Ground Water Reservation

This rule-making will create Chapter 173-527 WAC, Water Resources Management Program for the Lewis Basin. Instream flows will be proposed for the Lewis (lower, middle, upper), East Fork Lewis, and Kalama rivers. Instream flows may also be proposed for a number of other tributaries within the watershed where habitat studies exist. Where appropriate, closures to future appropriation will also be established in rule. The rule language will provide for water supply reservations and will set up requirements to accessing the reservation in order to promote protection of future supply and instream values. Clark County portions of the reserve will be transferred from WAC Chapter 173-592 (Reservation of future public water supply for Clark County) in the amount recommended by Watershed Plan for specific subbasins. After transfer, WAC Chapter 173-592 will be repealed in its entirety.

Filing Date

Type of Activity

12/22/08 Rule Adoption
7/23/08 Rule proposal
4/23/08 Rule pre-proposal
4/23/08 Withdrawal notice
3/2/05 Rule pre-proposal
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