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Chapter 173-334 WAC – Children’s Safe Products - Reporting Rule

Ecology is adopting Chapter 173-334 WAC, the Children’s Safe Product Act Reporting Rule. As signed into law, the Children’s Safe Product Act (Chapter 70.240 RCW) requires manufacturers of children’s products to report the presence of Chemicals of High Concern to Children (CHCCs) to the department. The purpose of the rule is to clarify the following: the process to be used to update the reporting list for CHCCs, definitions of several key terms, and the reporting process.

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7/21/11 Rule adoption
5/4/11 Rule proposal supplemental

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11/17/10 Rule-making suspension update
  • Director Sturdevant has determined this rule making can move forward (it meets Executive Order 10-06 exemption criteria 5). See the Rulemaking Suspension Archives page for more information.

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More information: Children's safe products - reporting rule
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