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Our Living Shorelines

Education, Outreach and Stewardship

Shorelines are a valuable resource in Washington. Protecting, preserving, and enhancing our 28,000 miles of river, stream, wetland and marine shorelines is everyone’s responsibility.

Education and outreach are important to helping people understand the economic and environmental importance of our living shorelines, and knowing how to make positive changes.

  • Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve - Provides school and public interpretation and education about estuaries. The Reserve's Coastal Training Program provides practical, science-based training for professionals who make decisions about coastal management.
  • Washington Waters – Ours to Protect - Information about human actions that prevent pollution in lakes, rivers, wetlands and marine waters. Citizens can take small actions to protect our water and keep shorelines healthy. Also includes a "tool kit" for local governments, organizations and citizens.
  • Shoreline Master Programs Citizen Guide - Essential information to help citizens get involved in long-range planning for public access, development and environmental protection of shorelines. Includes links to outreach materials, hearings and public involvement options.
  • Statewide Shoreline Education, Outreach, and Stewardship Strategy - Ecology sought to launch a collaborative community-based marketing strategy in 2012. Lack of funding precluded implementation. Pre-planning documents are available and include a project summary, values survey and market analysis. Contact: Cedar Bouta at 360-407-6406.


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Countering the negative environmental impacts that developing the land can have on wetlands, rivers, streams, lakes, and other deep-water habitats.


Working together to protect our shorelines.



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