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Managing our Water

Water Supply

Ecology’s mission is to ensure there is sufficient water to meet the needs of people, agriculture, industry, and fish. The challenge is supplying water for 21st Century needs while operating under 19th Century laws. Through the administration of water rights, the setting of in-stream flows, dam regulations, and water conservation, we are working to protect water supplies for today and for future generations. While protecting and providing an adequate water supply, we also must protect water quality, to ensure safe drinking water and to support wildlife.

  • Watershed Management - Watershed Plan Development and Implementation
  • Water Supply information - current and monthly information, used to evaluate present and future water supply conditions in the state.
  • Water Rights - The waters of Washington State collectively belong to the public and cannot be owned by any one individual or group. Instead, individuals or groups may be granted rights to use them.
  • Water Market - providing water supply stewardship, including the Trust Water Rights Program, the Water Acquisition Program, and Water Banking.
  • Instream Flows - Amount of stream flow needed to protect and preserve instream resources and values, such as fish, wildlife and recreation.
  • Floodplain Management - Information for before, during and after a flood event.
  • Dam Safety - Ecology regulates over 1,000 dams in Washington, to [rotect human life and property from dam failures.
  • Wells - Information about licensing, construction and reporting
  • Water Conservation - Everyone can help lessen the effects of the limited water supplies by conserving water.
  • Reclaimed Water - Reclaiming, or reusing highly treated wastewater, means using human-engineered treatment systems to speed up nature’s restoration of water quality.
  • Office of Columbia River - managing instream and out-of-stream water uses in the Columbia River Basin.
  • Conservancy Boards - These boards enable the processing of water-right transfer applications at the local level.
  • Certified Water Right Examiner - The certified water right examiner is hired by a water right permit or change authorization holder to conduct a proof examination so that they may receive a water right certificate for their fully developed water right.
  • Laws and Rules - Rules, laws, policy, procedures, guidance, and case law regarding water resources in Washington State.
  • How Water Supports Washington Jobs - Archived page, Protecting our water supply supports our economy and jobs in community development, agriculture and fishing.

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