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Your future environmental career begins here

Recruitment begins today for 300 jobs to help restore and enhance the environment. These full-time positions offer environmental career experience for young adults and veterans through the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC). (July 15 news release)

Innovative agreement highlights practices that are good for farms and the environment

More than 40 farms representing 110,000 acres in Eastern Washington are in line to become among the first Farmed Smart certified agriculture operations in the Northwest. (July 14 blog)

New siphons deliver needed water to Odessa farmers

Farmers, local dignitaries and water managers today celebrated construction of the new Lind Coulee Siphon complex. It’s part of a 10-year effort to bring surface water to hundreds of deep-well irrigators now relying on a declining aquifer known as the Odessa Subarea. (July 13 news release)

Cleaning Up: From RAGs to (environmental) riches

Ecology passes nearly 70 percent of the agency's $1.4 billion budget directly to local communities and governments. That money pays for a variety of other environmental work -- cleaning up contaminated sites, managing polluted stormwater runoff, preventing floods, managing garbage and wastewater, and more. (July 12 blog)

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