Department of Ecology News Release - January 4, 2012


Mukilteo’s shoreline master program receives approval

BELLEVUE – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has approved Mukilteo’s shoreline master program. The program significantly improves the protection, use, development and restoration of the city’s Puget Sound shoreline. It also includes Lake Serene and additional Puget Sound shoreline, part of a potential annexation area.

Mukilteo’s shoreline master program helps protect the economic and environmental health of the city’s five miles of Puget Sound shoreline. The program also addresses five additional shoreline miles in anticipation of annexations: four miles along Puget Sound, south of the city and all of Lake Serene, including the one-mile of shoreline around the lake.

“By working together, we are protecting our treasured shoreline resources now and for future generations. Our shorelines make Washington a great place to live,” said Geoff Tallent, Ecology’s regional shorelines program manager.

Mukilteo is one of more than 200 cities and counties updating their local master programs statewide, under the state’s 1972 voter-approved Shoreline Management Act. Shoreline master programs combine local plans for future shoreline development and preservation with new shoreline development ordinances and related permitting requirements.

Shoreline master programs are the cornerstone of the act. The law requires cities and counties with regulated shorelines to develop and periodically update their locally tailored programs to help minimize environmental damage to shoreline areas, reserve appropriate areas for water-oriented uses, and protect the public’s right to public lands and waters.

Mayor Joe Marine said, “The City of Mukilteo is pleased that the Department of Ecology has approved our Shoreline Master Program. This SMP meets the state’s shoreline guidelines, while still taking into account the unique nature of Mukilteo.

The City’s process brought diverse local interests to the table to work collaboratively. The shoreline master program process began with a thorough inventory of existing land-use patterns and environmental conditions and completed with consultant support. Involved groups included waterfront property owners, scientists, environmental interests, tribal government representatives, citizens, and state and local resource agency staff.

Key features of Mukilteo’s updated program:

Ecology reviews and approves local shoreline master programs based on regulations adopted in 2003. The regulations resulted from a negotiated settlement among 58 different parties including business interests, ports, environmental groups, shoreline user groups, cities and counties, Ecology, and the courts.


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