Washington State Department of Ecology - April 18, 2013


First data available from Algona groundwater

BELLEVUE – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has posted online the first set of preliminary results from an underground water-sampling project under way in parts of Algona. Ecology will continue to post the results as data become available.

The project is part of a continuing investigation into an area of contaminated groundwater that originates about a mile away on property owned by The Boeing Company (Boeing) in Auburn.

Groundwater data collected to date show that this contamination does not affect public drinking water sources, which are located away from the contamination.

Ecology directs the investigation, conducted and paid for by Boeing.

The study in Algona is one step in determining the location and size of this underground contamination, which includes solvent chemicals, primarily trichloroethene (TCE) and vinyl chloride (VC).

Ecology has begun to evaluate the study results, in cooperation with the Washington Department of Health. It is too early in the process to draw conclusions from the limited, preliminary data available so far.

Information from the study will help in planning the cleanup of the groundwater contamination, determining the next steps in the investigation, and providing information needed to assess potential health risks associated with the contamination.

The newly available results cover the first five of the project’s 49 underground water sample sites, collected between April 3 and April 5, 2013.  These are located at:

Boeing expects its contractor to complete the sample collection work by April 30, 2013, two days earlier than originally planned.

The groundwater samples undergo laboratory testing to detect the presence and concentrations of specific solvent-related chemicals.

Later this spring, following completion of the fieldwork, Boeing will submit an assessment of the sampling data to Ecology.

Ecology maintains updated information on the investigation on the Internet.

People with questions or comments about the investigation may contact Ecology at boeingauburnsite@ecy.wa.gov.


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More information:

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