Washington State Department of Ecology - April 29, 2013


Ecology starts review of Orting Shoreline program update, seeks public comment

OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) is seeking public comment on a proposed limited amendment to Orting’s shoreline master program, which was comprehensively updated in 2008.

The proposed amendment would allow for impacts to wetlands and buffers for construction of structures such as levees and dikes under limited circumstances and when consistent with an adopted Flood Hazard Management Plan. Any unavoidable impacts to wetlands would have to be mitigated, or offset.

Under Washington’s 1972 voter-approved Shoreline Management Act, Ecology must review and approve any proposed amendment to Orting’s shoreline program before it takes effect.

Ecology will accept public comment on Orting’s proposed amendment to their shoreline program through May 29. Comments and questions should be addressed to Kim Van Zwalenburg, Department of Ecology, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program, PO Box 47775, Olympia, WA 98504-7775. Email Van Zwalenburg at kim.vanzwalenburg@ecy.wa.gov, or call 360-407-6520.

Orting’s proposed shoreline program and related documents can be reviewed at:

After the public comment period is done, Ecology may approve the proposed amendment as written, reject it or direct Orting to modify specific parts. Orting’s shoreline program is part of the overall state shoreline master program. If approved, any updates to Orting’s program will be incorporated into the state program.

Shoreline master programs are a cornerstone of Washington’s Shoreline Management Act, approved by voters in 1972 to help protect shore areas and water quality, and  manage shoreline development. 

Media Contacts:

Linda Kent, Ecology media relations, 360-407-6239; cell, 360-791-9830; linda.kent@ecy.wa.gov

For more information:

Ecology’s website for Orting’s proposed shoreline master program amendment (www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/sea/shorelines/smp/mycomments/OrtingLimitedAmendment.html)

More about shoreline master programs (www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/sea/shorelines/smp/index.html)

Our Living Shorelines web portal (www.ecy.wa.gov/livingshorelines/index.html)

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