Washington State Department of Ecology - May 2, 2013


Jobs and environment - Ecology offers $7 million to local governments for stormwater construction projects

OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) is offering $7 million in available funds to local governments for statewide stormwater construction projects through the Supplemental Statewide Stormwater Grant Program

“This new, competitive funding opportunity not only helps protect an irreplaceable asset – our clean water – it helps local governments and it provides jobs,” said Kelly Susewind, manager of Ecology’s water quality program.

State financial managers calculate that 11 jobs in Washington are created for every million dollars spent in construction and design funding, supporting approximately 77 jobs statewide for this round of funding. Over half of these are likely to be local construction jobs.

The $7 million is the remainder of unspent funding from $68 million the 2012 state Legislature provided to 117 grant applicants in May 2012 for statewide stormwater construction projects. For varying reasons, a portion of the funding offers were declined or de-obligated. This grant program is made up of the declined/de-obligated funds.

Applications for the funding are due to Ecology by June 14. Ecology expects to offer the grants in August. Projects are to be completed by June 30, 2015.

Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity are cities, towns, counties, and ports covered by one of the following water quality permits:

If you have questions regarding this funding program, please contact:

Patricia Brommer at 360-407-6566 or email her at patricia.brommer@ecy.wa.gov.

Stormwater is the number one threat to urban waters in our state. During rainstorms and snowmelt, stormwater runoff carries toxic chemicals and bacteria into bays, lakes and rivers and Puget Sound.


Media Contact:

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Statewide Supplemental Stormwater Grant Program (www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/funding/FundingPrograms/OtherFundingPrograms/StWa12a/FY12aStWa.html)

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