Washington State Department of Ecology - October 3, 2013


Ecology proposes repealing two chapters of obsolete rule

RICHLAND – The Department of Ecology (Ecology) is in the process of repealing two chapters of a rule that Ecology no longer has the authority to implement. The rule regards the permitting of a commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal facility. The facility, commonly known as US Ecology, is located just north of Richland.

The authority to implement the Site Use Permit Program was transferred from Ecology to the Washington Department of Health in July 2012 by legislative action. Ecology is using the state's expedited rule process to repeal the old chapters. The department did not repeal the chapters last year, waiting until the new rule took full effect in September 2013.

"Ecology is conducting this action to conform to state law and to help eliminate possible confusion over obsolete rules," said Larry Goldstein, a section manager with Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program. "Once we’re done, all our rules will be consistent and in uniformity with state laws already in effect."

The two chapters of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) rule being repealed are:

Under the expedited rule-making process, written objections regarding the rule-making process must be submitted by Dec. 2, 2013:

Media Contacts:

 Larry Goldstein, Larry.Goldstein@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6573
 Dieter Bohrmann, Dieter.Bohrmann@ecy.wa.gov; 509-420-3874; @ecyhanford

For more information:

Ecology Nuclear Waste Program (www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/nwp)

Frequently Asked Questions about Ecology rule-making (www.ecy.wa.gov/laws-rules/rulefaq.html)