Department of Ecology News Release - December 23, 2013


Ecology announces penalties for third quarter of 2013

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) issued $283,166 in penalties of $1,000 or more in the third quarter (July, Aug. and Sept.) of 2013.

Ecology issues individual news releases for penalties of $10,000 or greater. Links to the news release are included in the table below. A particular penalty may be fully satisfied at this time or in the process of an appeal or settlement discussions.

Communities, families and businesses depend on clean air, land and water, and on reliable water supplies. Complying with our state’s and our nation’s laws helps assure this. See Ecology’s “Protecting Washington's Quality of Life” website portal for more information.

Ecology works with thousands of businesses and individuals to help them comply with these laws. Penalties are issued in cases where non-compliance continues after Ecology has provided technical assistance or warnings, or for particularly serious violations.

The money owed from penalties may be reduced from the issued amount due to a ruling by the Pollution Control Hearings Board or a negotiated settlement. Ecology doesn’t benefit from penalty payments. The final penalty amount owed and collected is deposited in special accounts that pay for:

The most common accounts receiving collected penalties are:

July  - September  2013

County City Date Issued Recipients Description Amount Media contact
Adams Othello 7/29/13 Dale Bayley Illegally burning demolition debris. $2,000 Brook Beeler,
Asotin Clarkston 9/11/2013 Steven Bott Illegally burning construction and demolition debris. $4,500 Brook Beeler,
Benton West Richland 9/26/2013 Circle K Stores, LLC Failure to comply with leak detection requirements for underground fuel storage tanks. $1,200 Joye Redfield-Wilder,
Clallam Port Angeles 9/5/2013 Olympic Tug & Barge

Olympic Tug & Barge of Seattle spilled oil into Port Angeles Harbor in November, 2012. A company-owned fuel barge was overfilled while being loaded with fuel oil. News release.

$16,500 Linda Kent,
Columbia Waitsburg 7/31/2013 Servi Dei Farms

Illegally burning wheat stubble without an approved agricultural burning permit.
News release.

$10,000 Brook Beeler,
Cowlitz Longview 8/17/2013 Weyerhaeuser Co. Excess opacity, meaning smoke density, due to improper assembly of an oil firing gun, which led to excess fuel oil in Hog Fuel Boiler 11. Also, intermittent violations of the opacity limit for Hog Fuel Boiler 11 on June 6 and 7. $3,500 Linda Kent,
Grays Harbor   9/12/2013 Albert Smith Well Drilling Failure to file well reports for multiple sites in a timely manner, as is required by law. $2,500 Linda Kent,
Grays Harbor Ocean Shores 9/13/2013 Kenneth Herman Fishing Vessel DARE II was recovering crab pots in the Pacific Ocean when it lost propulsion. Crew members failed to deploy the anchor, and the vessel grounded and partially broke up near Ocean Shores, spilling diesel fuel and lube and hydraulic oil. $6,200 Linda Kent,
Grays Harbor   10/8/2013 Albert Smith Well Drilling Constructing a water well without a license. $7,500 Linda Kent,
King Seattle 7/25/2013 Seattle Tunnel Partners Caused approx. 58,800 gal. of sewage to overflow into Elliott Bay on Feb. 1, 2013 due to a blockage caused by mud that entered a city sewer line through a manhole damaged by construction equipment from the State Route 99 tunnel project. The damage from an undetermined date was neither detected nor reported as required in a water quality permit that covers the project. $6,000 Larry Altose,
King Kent 9/3/2013 Burlington Environmental LLC

Committed 13 dangerous waste management violations at the company’s facility waste processing facility in Kent. News Release.

$180,000 Larry Altose,
King Redmond 9/13/2013 Shoreline Construction Made no immediate efforts to clean up or report a diesel fuel spill at NE 20th St. and 148th Ave. NE from a generator on the City of Redmond Overlake South Utility Project on Sep. 5, 2013. Generator had no containment. Part of the 10 gal. spill reached Sears Creek via the stormwater system. $1,500 Larry Altose,
King Seattle 7/24/2013 Seattle City Light Failed to promptly report a spill of 64 gal. of mineral from a Seattle City Light electrical transformer. 59 gal. entered a city storm drain, 8 gal. of which were discharged to Lake Union. $2,500 Larry Altose,
Kitsap Bremerton 8/2/2013 Kitsap Transit Failed to comply with multiple leak prevention and detection requirements for underground storage tanks at the 200 Charleston Blvd. facility. $1,000 Larry Altose,
Kittitas Ellensburg 7/25/2013 Eric Robb Property Caused or allowed burning of construction and demolition debris during eastern WA burn ban during 2012 wildfire event. $3,066 Joye Redfield-Wilder,
Pierce Tacoma 9/4/2013 Simpson Tacoma,
John Conkle

Exceeded air quality permit limit for sulfur dioxide on April 9, 2013.

$2,000 Linda Kent,
Snohomish Everett 9/12/2013 CEMEX Everett Pitt Discharged inadequately treated waste water from cement mixing plant and trucks into Pigeon Creek On May 31, 2013. $6,000 Larry Altose,
Snohomish Monroe 8/2/2013 WSDOT

Failed to fully collect the water-quality monitoring data as required for 16 months on the State Route 522 widening project from the Snohomish River to Monroe. This is a reduced penalty under an agreed order to address the violations. News Release.

$10,000 Larry Altose,
Snohomish Mukilteo 8/10/2013 Production Plating, Inc.

Unsafely stored hazardous materials and repeatedly failed to submit important and timely information about its industrial wastewater, which violated provisions of its water quality discharge permit. News release.

$11,000 Larry Altose,
Whatcom Bellingham 9/27/2013 Trident Seafood Bellingham 220 gallons of potassium hydroxide spilled from a tote when a valve was left open. The potassium hydroxide went into a containment area, but a drain plug was not in place. Potassium hydroxide spilled to the site stormwater system and eventually to Bellingham Bay. $1,200 Dustin Terpening,
Whatcom Lynden 8/16/2013 Americold Logistics LLC; Dan Shuler Cleaned out a fish-holding truck and approximately 100 gallons of soapy water discharged into Fishtrap Creek through a storm drain. $2,000 Dustin Terpening,
Whatcom Ferndale 8/8/2013 George Sandhu Planted and irrigated blueberries on his 118-acre property, but does not have water rights to irrigate most of the property. $2,000 Dustin Terpening,
Whatcom Bellingham 6/14/2013 Superior Energy Services LLC Released one pint of hydraulic oil on Feb. 12, and released 30 gallons of hydraulic oil on March 21 to Bellingham Bay while servicing and testing the barge Arctic Challenger. $1,000 Dustin Terpening,

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