Washington State Department of Ecology - January 30, 2014


Everett aircraft supplier fined $28,000 for dangerous waste violations

BELLEVUE – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has fined AvtechTyee $28,000 for unsafe handling and disposal of dangerous waste.

Ecology observed the violations during three inspections from 2011 through 2013 before the aerospace electronic systems company, located at 6500 Merrill Creek Parkway in Everett, came into compliance.

“We saw violations repeated, even though after each inspection we informed AvtechTyee about the corrections needed at this facility. We prefer fixing problems through cooperation,” said K Seiler, who manages Ecology’s Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program. “Everyone handling toxic chemicals must follow laws designed to keep contaminants out of the environment. Most facilities respond promptly when we identify problems, and we expect the same of AvtechTyee.”

Dangerous waste laws and regulations require safe practices that prevent pollution and protect the public and workers.

AvtechTyee’s violations cited in the penalty include:

Ecology levied the fine after noting the violations during inspections and communicating numerous times to explain what the business needed to do to comply with standards. The penalty could have totaled $91,000 had Ecology opted to cite the facility for duplicate violations in different production areas observed during the inspections. State law allows a maximum fine of $10,000 per violation per day.

“AvtechTyee is committed to the safe handling and disposal of all materials,” said Herb Mardany, president of AvtechTyee. “It is our intent and practice to remain in full compliance with regulations at all times.”

AvtechTyee has the right to appeal the $28,000 penalty within 30 days to the Washington State Pollution Control Hearings Board.

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Media Contacts:

Erika Holmes, 360-407-6149, erika.holmes@ecy.wa.gov

Daylin Davidson, Ecology hazardous waste compliance, 425-649-7090, daylin.davidson@ecy.wa.gov

Herb Mardany, AvtechTyee President, 425-249-4612, hmardany@avtechtyee.com


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