Department of Ecology News Release - April 8, 2014


Everett metal finisher, Ecology settle hazardous waste penalty appeal

BELLEVUE – An Everett metal finisher will pay $24,000 to the Department of Ecology under an agreement to settle an appeal of a larger penalty issued last year for hazardous waste violations.

Ecology fined Blue Streak Finishers, Ltd. $60,000 in Oct., 2013 for unsafe handling and disposal of dangerous waste. Ecology also issued an order that directed the company to take specific actions to correct the violations.

The settlement reduces the overall penalty by $11,000 due to new information about two of the violations cited in the original penalty. Blue Streak will pay Ecology $24,000 in monthly installments over two years. Ecology will suspend the penalty’s remaining $25,000 and dismiss it after two years, unless Blue Streak repeats one of the five violations cited in the original penalty:

The company also agrees to complete remaining corrective actions from Ecology’s order:

“Ecology and Blue Streak each avoid expensive litigation with this settlement, which benefits Washington’s environment overall,” said K Seiler, who manages Ecology’s hazardous waste and toxics reduction program. “We’re pleased that Blue Streak has made this commitment to practices that safeguard the safety and health of its employees and the public, and protect the environment.”

“We place a high value on safety and environmental compliance,” said Reginald Booker, Blue Streak Vice President of Operations. “With the implementation of our Hazardous Material Safety programs we are confident that moving forward Blue Streak Finishers will serve as an example of responsible environmental practice within our industry.”

The penalty and settlement are part of Ecology’s broader efforts to reduce and prevent toxic threats to the environment.

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Media Contact:

Larry Altose, 425-649-7009, @ecyseattle

Daylin Davidson, Ecology hazardous waste compliance, 425-649-7090

Reginald Booker, Blue Streak Vice President of Operations, 425-347-6696