Department of Ecology News Release - May 8, 2014

State updating industrial stormwater permit
Permit helps reduce polluted runoff from industrial sites

OLYMPIA – The stormwater permit that covers approximately 1,200 industrial facilities across the state is getting updated.

Polluted stormwater runoff is a problem at industrial sites, just like it is in urban settings. If not properly managed, stormwater can carry toxic contaminants into downstream waters, and harm sensitive fish and wildlife habitats.

Key changes proposed to the permit include additional pollution prevention requirements for certain facilities near Puget Sound sediment cleanup sites, such as the Lower Duwamish Waterway and Commencement Bay.

The permit also incorporates new federal regulations for airport de-icing at facilities with 1,000 or more annual jet departures.

Other changes are proposed to streamline engineering reports when stormwater treatment systems are needed. 

Though the permit has updates, it is largely unchanged from the previous permit, according to the Washington Department of Ecology’s Jeff Killelea. 

The public is invited to comment on changes Ecology proposes to make to the permit. The comment period ends June 20.

Ecology will hold workshops and public hearings about the proposed permit in Tacoma, Mount Vernon, Moses Lake, Vancouver and Seattle.

Here’s how to submit comments:

For details about public meeting and comment opportunities, go to Ecology’s website.



Sandy Howard, communications, 360-407-6408, @ecologyWA