Department of Ecology News Release - June 19, 2014

Cleanup work gearing up at Budd Inlet site
Comments sought on proposed partial cleanup effort

OLYMPIA – Cleanup work is planned this summer for parts of the Reliable Steel site on Olympia’s Budd Inlet.

The Washington Department of Ecology is seeking public comments through July 21, 2014, on a plan to remove contaminated soil, metal debris and an underground storage tank that’s leaking heating oil.

The public also can comment on a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review, which describes the work’s potential environmental impacts.

Boat building, steel fabrication and welding took place at the site from 1941 to 2009. In 1993, Ecology found arsenic and copper above state standards in sediments near the site. Ecology asked the owners to remove welding slag and debris on the shoreline. Later investigations found more contamination in other areas.

The former owner declared bankruptcy and the property was auctioned. Ecology is carrying out the partial cleanup, which is expected to begin in August or September. Ecology will work with the new owner or other parties in the future to complete the cleanup.

The draft documents can be reviewed at:

Submit comments and technical questions by email to Steve Teel or mail them to him at Department of Ecology, SWRO Toxics Cleanup Program, P.O. Box 47775, Olympia, WA 98504-7775.

Ecology identified Budd Inlet as a high-priority bay under the Puget Sound Initiative. An Ecology team works with the Port of Olympia, other site owners, area tribes, and other stakeholders to help shape cleanups at Budd Inlet sites.



Seth Preston, communications, 360-407-6848, @ecologyWA