Department of Ecology News Release - June 23, 2014

Over $300K awarded for waste reduction
Ecology grants voter-approved funds to southwestern Washington

OLYMPIA – Local governments in southwestern Washington will receive 10 grants totaling $304,651 to support waste reduction and recycling projects in six counties.

Statewide, the Washington Department of Ecology granted over $1 million for 24 projects at the local and county level. Ecology’s Coordinated Prevention Grant program funds the projects.

“We are pleased to support these innovative projects that expand recycling, composting and toxics reduction efforts,” said Laurie Davies, Ecology Waste 2 Resources program manager. “Reducing waste and improving how we manage what remains is good for public health and our economy.”

Grants were awarded in four categories, with the following totals:

Clallam County will use $4,302 to start a rural recycling initiative. The county will also use $7,767 to set up compost demonstration sites.

Jefferson County will use $15,832 to run mobile events to collect moderate-risk waste.

Jefferson County Public Health will use $11,250 to support their recycling program.

Lewis County will use $6,125 for a Red Wiggler Mini Farm. The County will also use $5,625 to reach out to retail business about recycling opportunities.

Pierce County will use $17,250 to pilot and evaluate outreach to people living in multi-family homes (apartments, condos) about reducing household waste.

Skamania County will use $20,250 to set up a moderate-risk waste collection area.

The city of Tacoma will use $56, 250 for food waste processing equipment and infrastructure.

Tacoma Pierce County Health District will use $160,000 for solid waste enforcement.

Coordinated Prevention Grants are appropriated from hazardous substance tax funding created by Washington voters when they passed Initiative 97 – the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) – in 1988. Funding is dedicated to environmental cleanups and protection in Washington.



Erika Holmes, communications, 360-407-6149, @ecologyWA