Department of Ecology News Release - July 23, 2014

Construction combines with cleanup at former Seattle fuel terminal
Public comment sought on cleanup action work review

SEATTLE – A recently started redevelopment project one block north of Lake Union on part of a former fuel terminal and transit fueling station will include the removal of contaminated soil.

Touchstone NLU LLC Northedge will test soil during excavation for an underground parking garage at 3301 Densmore Ave. N.  Soil that contains petroleum contamination above state cleanup standards will be shipped offsite for disposal at an approved, licensed waste facility.

The cleanup work is part of a 2007 legal agreement between Touchstone and the Washington Department of Ecology.

“Removing this contamination is a significant milestone for this site,” said Bob Warren, Ecology’s regional cleanup supervisor. “It is an example repeated throughout Seattle and Washington of how our state cleanup law helps return contaminated land to productive use for new, clean redevelopment.”

Excavation is part of a larger cleanup

Touchstone’s 1.5-acre property is part of a cleanup site that includes two parcels, plus the street in between. Ecology oversees all facets of the cleanup. Touchstone coordinates its soil cleanup with groundwater monitoring and cleanup by the two former owners, Chevron Environmental Management Company and King County Metro Transit.

Chevron operated a petroleum product storage and distribution center on the two parcels between 1925 and 1982. A barge terminal occupied land along Lake Union. The property now owned by Touchstone, a block away, contained large, aboveground storage tanks and other distribution facilities.

Metro purchased the sites in 1982 and operated them for bus fuel storage and dispensing until 1989. Metro removed the tanks and soil contaminated from sandblasting from what is now the Touchstone property in 1999. Metro leases part of the former barge terminal to the non-profit Center for Wooden Boats.

The site’s primary contaminants are petroleum products, arsenic and lead. Chevron and Metro are monitoring and cleaning up groundwater on all parts of the site and soil in parts other than the Touchstone parcel. The cleanup is scheduled for completion next year.

Ecology seeks public comment

Chevron and Metro conduct their cleanup work and monitor the site under a 1999 legal agreement with Ecology. Long-term cleanup plans are subject to periodic reviews to confirm that they continue to protect public health and the environment. Ecology seeks public comment on a draft report of a review under way for this site.

The draft report covers the site’s investigation and cleanup work from 1999 to 2014. It concludes the existing cleanup plan meets its goals and that the cleanup’s completion is expected in 2015 as planned. After cleanup, Chevron and Metro will monitor the site for two years to confirm that groundwater is in compliance with state cleanup standards.

The draft periodic review report is available at:

Ecology will accept comments through Aug. 25, 2014. People may send comments and questions about the draft periodic review report to Maura O’Brien, Ecology site manager, by email,, by mail to Department of Ecology, 3190 160th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98008-5452, or by phone at 425-649-7249.

An Ecology fact sheet provides more information on the cleanup and periodic review.



Larry Altose, communications, 425-649-7009, @EcySeattle

Maura O’Brien, site manager, 425-649-7249

Jon Sondergaard, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc., for Touchstone, 425-827-7701

Randy Witt, Metro Transit, 206-477-5570

Scott Zorn, Arcadis, for Chevron, 206-726-4709