Department of Ecology News Release - August 13, 2014

14 firms fined for failing to submit stormwater reports
Industrial stormwater can be some of the most toxic

OLYMPIA – Fourteen businesses have been fined for failing to submit stormwater monitoring reports for three or more consecutive quarters.

The state, under Clean Water Act authority, requires many types of facilities to monitor, measure and submit reports about the stormwater runoff that leaves their properties. The Washington Department of Ecology administers this process through an industrial stormwater permit.

Polluted stormwater runoff is the biggest threat to urban waters. Industrial stormwater can be some of the most toxic. The monitoring reports are instrumental to assuring that Washington waters are protected from polluted runoff.

“We understand that complying with stormwater sampling and reporting permit requirements costs businesses time, effort and money. However, businesses that are not reporting are taking an unfair advantage over those who are,” said Bill Moore, who manages water quality permits at Ecology. “There are approximately 1,200 industrial stormwater permitted facilities in Washington, and most of them are in compliance.”

Each of the following businesses received a $3,000 fine:

The money collected from penalties pays for grants to environmental enhancement and restoration projects sponsored by local governments, tribes and other state agencies.



Sandy Howard, communications, 360-407-6408 @ecologyWA