Department of Ecology News Release - December 9, 2014

McGregor Company recognized for environmental stewardship
Creston facility earns state’s top honor

SPOKANE – The McGregor Company transformed a defunct biodiesel plant in Creston from an environmental hazard into a clean, compliant agri-chemical facility. The investment and cleanup of the property earned McGregor an environmental excellence award, the Washington Department of Ecology’s top honor.

“We applaud McGregor for investing in local communities and dedication to environmental stewardship,” said Ecology’s Eastern Regional Director Grant Pfeifer.

“The company successfully turned a dilapidated, neglected property that was a hazard for human health and the environment into a viable and operating facility,” Pfeifer said.

A biodiesel company vacated the Creston Industrial Park property leaving it unusable. Vegetable oil, glycerin and biodiesel covered the walls and floors. And mice had moved into the building, further degrading the interior.

McGregor purchased the property in 2011, stripped the building down to its steel frame and rebuilt office space to permanently house six employees that support Adams, Douglas, Franklin and Lincoln county farmers.

Since the company opened the Creston site in 2013, Ecology inspectors have noted the facility remains clean, functional and in compliance with environmental regulations.

The McGregor Company is an independent fertilizer, agri-chemical and farm equipment dealer that serves the Pacific Northwest.



Brook Beeler, communication manager, 509-329-3478, @ecyspokane