Department of Ecology News Release - December 23, 2014

Harbor Island oil terminal cleanups remain on track
Five-year reviews confirm progress within larger Superfund site

SEATTLE – Past and ongoing cleanup work at three major oil terminals on Harbor Island in Seattle continue to protect public safety and the environment, according to reviews drafted by the Washington Department of Ecology.

Ecology is making the draft reports available for public review and comment through Jan. 26, 2015. The reviews cover the cleanup status of BP West Coast Products Terminal, Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal, and Shell Oil Harbor Island Terminal.

The three oil terminals conducted major work to clean up soil and groundwater contaminated by oil products and other materials in the 1990s. Parts of the sites involve long-term cleanup strategies and monitoring. Ecology reviews the sites every five years.

Each oil terminal is an individual cleanup site within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Harbor Island Superfund site that was established in 1995. Ecology oversees the three terminal cleanups in concert with EPA’s overall management of the island’s cleanup. Ecology’s individual cleanup reviews support EPA’s five-year reviews of the entire Superfund site.

Ecology reviews sites that have undergone cleanup if the cleanup included a special condition that must be maintained on the property.

Details on each site, including Ecology’s draft five-year reviews, are available at:

Comments or questions about these sites may be directed to Maura O’Brien, Ecology’s site manager for the three terminals, at or 425-649-7249.



Larry Altose, communications, 425-649-7009, @ecySeattle
Maura O’Brien, cleanup site manager, 425-649-7249