Department of Ecology News Release - February 24, 2015

Edmonds shoreline program up for state review
Public can weigh in on city’s update to protect water’s edges

EDMONDS – The Washington Department of  Ecology is asking for public comment on whether to approve a recently updated program to manage 6 miles of marine and lake shoreline within the city of Edmonds.

The updated shoreline master program would guide construction and development on the city’s Puget Sound and Lake Ballinger shorelines. Once approved by Ecology, the Edmonds shoreline program will become part of the overall state shoreline master program.

The shoreline program is designed to protect the shoreline environment, reserve appropriate areas for water-oriented uses, and protect people’s access to public land and waters.  It would:

Establish unique environmental designations for different types of shorelines, with buffers and setbacks tailored to reflect existing land uses and ecological conditions. Increase protection of near-shore habitats and encourage preservation of existing shoreline vegetation. Recognize existing public access in city parks and help guide development of future public access amenities. Incorporate existing regulations for critical areas, including mitigation requirements and wetlands and habitat protection. Help support the broader initiative to protect and restore Puget Sound.

Comments will be accepted through 5 p.m., March 27, 2015. Comments and questions should be addressed to David Pater, Department of Ecology, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program, Northwest Regional Office 3190 160th Ave SE Bellevue WA 98008;; or 425-649-4253.

The city’s proposed shoreline program and related documents can be reviewed at: 

Taking public comments into consideration, Ecology may approve the proposed shoreline program as written, reject it or identify specific modifications needed to meet the Shoreline Management Act and applicable state regulations.

Under Washington’s 1972 voter-approved Shoreline Management Act, Ecology must review and approve each local shoreline program before it takes effect. More than 200 Washington cities and counties are updating or crafting their shoreline programs, or have recently done so.



Larry Altose, Ecology communications, 425-649-7009, @ecyseattle

David Pater, Ecology regional shoreline planner, 425-649-4253

Kernen Lien, City of  Edmonds, 425-771-0220