Department of Ecology News Release - July 1, 2015

Updating the construction stormwater permit

OLYMPIA – Although it’s summertime, the Washington Department of Ecology is preparing for the rain by updating a water quality permit to help construction sites prevent muddy runoff the next time it rains.

Managing muddy water is important because when it reaches downstream waters, either directly or through stormwater drains, it can harm aquatic life and fish habitat. Sediment and minerals in muddy runoff can feed plant growth and contribute to algae blooms that deplete oxygen in water.

Ecology is updating the Construction Stormwater General Permit that covers approximately 2,000 construction sites across the state.

Proposed changes to the permit are minor, but include:

Ecology is accepting public comments on the draft permit until Aug. 10 and will hold several public workshops and one public hearing:

Ecology last updated the permit in 2011. Learn more and find out how to submit comments at Ecology’s website.


Sandy Howard, communications manager, 360-407-6408, @ecologyWA