Department of Ecology News Release - August 17, 2015

Air quality alert issued for Central and Eastern Washington
Wildfire smoke causing unhealthy air quality

OLYMPIA – Elevated concentrations of wildfire smoke are causing unhealthy air quality in Central and Eastern Washington.

The Washington Department of Ecology and National Weather Service have issued an air quality alert, warning people of unhealthy air quality.

The air quality values will range from being unhealthy for sensitive groups to hazardous for everyone over the next few days. Weather patterns are preventing the smoke from clearing out at least through Thursday.

How to protect yourself

The Washington Department of Health recommends the following to protect you and your family from smoke-related health effects:

This air quality alert will be reevaluated at noon on Thursday, Aug. 20.

For smoke forecasts and other wildfire related information visit


Camille St. Onge, communication manager, 360-584-6501, @ecologyWA