Department of Ecology News Release - February 29, 2015

map of Reichhold Chemical site

Comments sought on Reichhold cleanup in Tacoma
Former chemical manufacturing site found to contain dioxins and furans

OLYMPIA – After more pollutants were found at a former chemical manufacturing site on the Tacoma Tideflats, the site owner and the Washington Department of Ecology developed an amended cleanup plan. The public is now being asked to weigh in on the plan through March 29.

The former Reichhold Chemical site is a 52-acre property located on the Blair Peninsula between Alexander Avenue and Taylor Way.

From 1956 to 1990, Reichhold produced pentachlorophenol and related compounds used to treat wood. Stevedoring Services of America purchased the property in 2006, and began cleaning up contamination on the site in 2009.

That work was completed as planned. However, in 2014, soil contaminated with dioxin and furan compounds was found and Ecology determined that additional cleanup was needed. Under the amended cleanup plan, the owner will dig out, consolidate and cap the contaminated soil. Restrictions on the property’s use will protect the cap in the future.

The public can review the amended cleanup plan at:

Written comments may be submitted to site manager Stan Leja at:


Andrew Wineke, communications, 360-407-6149, @ecologyWA