Department of Ecology News Release - April 29, 2016

May is Puget Sound Starts Here month

Puget Sound Starts Here logo

OLYMPIA – Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed May as Puget Sound Starts Here Month, launching hundreds of events and activities to help people in the region get involved in restoring and protecting the Sound.

The Puget Sound Starts Here (PSSH) campaign represents 750 community organizations, counties, cities and state and federal agencies.

The month is part of the campaign’s year-round effort to help make people aware of the streams, lakes and stormwater drains that connect everyone with Puget Sound. PSSH promotes a variety of programs to involve people in restoration activities and in preventing water pollution.

“As people begin to enjoy the outdoors in the spring, it’s a great chance for people to refresh their awareness of the Sound and their role in protecting and restoring it,” said Justine Asohmbom, PSSH’s education coordinator, with the Washington Department of Ecology. “Puget Sound’s condition ties directly to the quality of water that enters it, so the Sound really does start wherever people are.”

PSSH organizations have hundreds of local programs and events lined up for the month, many of which are listed on the organization’s website. Highlighted activities include:

The Puget Sound Starts Here campaign began in 2009 as the result of collaboration of two public awareness initiatives: one led by a coalition of municipalities known as STORM (Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities) with funding from Ecology; and the other was part of the Puget Sound Partnership’s Action Agenda for the recovery of Puget Sound.


Justine Asohmbom, Puget Sound Educator, 425-649-7108