Department of Ecology News Release - May 18, 2016

Washington plans enhanced oil transportation safety
Ecology seeks comments on proposed rule update for pipelines

Olympia – The Washington Department of Ecology is proposing to enhance preparedness requirements under the state’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan rule.

Pipelines carry crude and refined oil through marine and inland areas of Washington. After several years of implementing the rule, Ecology has identified updates to ensure that required oil spill-response equipment is appropriate for risks from pipeline spills in marine and inland environments.

The pipeline spill contingency requirements were last updated in 2006.

Public comments are being accepted until July 22 in a variety of ways: 

Ecology will host three public hearings on the proposed rule update in Spokane, Everett and Vancouver. The Vancouver hearing will include a webinar – an online meeting that allows people to attend using internet access.

Public hearing schedule

June 29 – Everett, 3 p.m.

June 30 – Vancouver + webinar, 2 p.m.

July 7 – Spokane, 1 p.m.

Visit Ecology’s website for more information about the rule, documents available for review, and public hearings.


Lisa Copeland, communications, 360-407-6990, @ecologyWA