Department of Ecology News Release - August 22, 2017

Summary of environmental penalties issued second quarter 2017

The Washington Department of Ecology issued $50,000 in penalties of $1,000 or more April through June in 2017.

Ecology works with thousands of businesses and individuals to help them comply with state laws. Penalties are issued in cases where non-compliance continues after Ecology has provided technical assistance or warnings, or for particularly serious violations.

The money owed from penalties may be reduced from the issued amount due to settlement or court rulings. Funds collected go to the state’s general fund or to dedicated pollution prevention accounts.

Ecology strives to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment and promote wise management for current and future generations. When someone pollutes Washington’s land, air or waters, Ecology enforces state and federal regulations in hopes of changing behavior and deterring future violations.

Penalties for April - June 2017

County City Date Issued Recipients Description Amount Media contact
Adams Othello 5/3/17Jon Warling Burned tree roots and other material from an orchard without a permit. Penalty paid. $2,500 Brook Beeler,
Grant Royal City 5/6/17 Mike Robinson Burned prohibited materials including treat-ed posts, apple boxes, wire handles from five gallon buckets, other unidentifiable materials. Penalty paid. $2,000 Dave Bennett,
Grays Harbor Ocean Shores 6/1/17 JP Fishing LLC On April 15, 2016, the fishing vessel Privateer grounded near Ocean Shores. On April 16, the Privateer was pushed broadside into the surf and broke apart on April 17. Ecology determined 3,465 gallons of diesel fuel, lubrication, and hydraulic oils spilled from the vessel. $7,000 Dave Bennett,
Jefferson Port Townsend 4/20/17 Port Townsend Paper Corporation Two incidents in 2016 that led to emissions from the plant bypassing its control systems. News release. Penalty paid. $30,000 Andrew Wineke,
King Duvall 6/23/17 ZYK Enterprises, Inc. Violated water quality permit requirements to submit quarterly discharge monitoring reports in the third quar-ter of 2015 and second quarter of 2016. $2,000 Larry Altose,
King Newcastle 6/23/17 Jackson Energy Fuel delivery truck overfilled a gas station tank at 6420 Lake Washington Blvd. SE on April 3, 2017, spill-ing 92 gallons of diesel fuel, part of which entered Lake Washington via a storm drain. . $1,000 Larry Altose,
Kittitas Kittitas 5/2/17 General Transport, Grandview Issued a field citation for delivering petroleum fuel to underground storage tank without a tag showing the facility was in compliance with operational and environ-mental protection regulations. $1,000 Joye Redfield-Wilder,
Pierce Tacoma 6/22/17 Port of Tacoma Allowed ship repair work on port property without the required permits and best management practices to prevent stormwater contamination, and discharges of pollutants. Penalty appealed. $2,000 Dave Bennett,
Stevens Chewelah 5/15/17 Alpine Developments Group, LLC Failed to apply and maintain best practices to manage stormwater, resulting in muddy water reaching Nelson Creek, a tributary to Ten Mile Creek. Penalty appealed. $2,500 Brook Beeler,