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Ecology is responsible for protecting, preserving, and enhancing Washington’s environment. Permits ensure that businesses and individuals understand and comply with all applicable federal and state environmental standards to protect our air, land, and water. The following resources are available to help you with your permitting needs.

Regulatory Handbook

The Regulatory Handbook is your one-stop shop to find information on activities requiring a permit, including the purpose, fees, applications, where to submit applications, how long permit decisions will take, applicable rules, and agency contacts, guidelines, and supporting information. You can also complete a Project Questionnaire to help you identify which permits, approvals, and licenses you may need.

Are You Unsure About Which Environmental Permits You Need?

The Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA) can help you with permit assistance by calling 1-800-917-0043, or email to, or by visiting the ORIA website. In addition, ORIA staff assists project proponents navigate through complex projects needing multiple environmental permits. assistance is available to work with you to create a roadmap for your specific permit process.

Other Permitting Resources

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to know which permits will be needed for your project. These additional resources may be of help:

Need Other Regulatory Information?

  • Laws and Rules – List of environmental laws and rules, current rule-making, and other related information.
  • Technical Assistance – Resources to support voluntary compliance with environmental rules and good stewardship of Washington's environmental resources.
  • Environmental Review / SEPA – Review of environmental impacts of proposed projects.
  • Site Cleanup – Identification and cleanup of contaminated sites. Includes Underground Storage Tanks.
  • Enforcement – When businesses don't voluntarily comply with environmental requirements.
  • Lean at Ecology – Using continuous process improvement to simplify our business processes.
  • Accountability to Citizens – Strategic planning, performance, and accountability.


Permitted Sites and Facilities

Public Involvement Opportunities

Major Industrial Sites (Oil, Pulp & Paper, and Aluminum)


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