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Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement

The Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (Agreement) for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017  has been signed by Ecology Director Maia Bellon and EPA Region 10 Administrator Dennis McLerran.

>> Read the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (State Fiscal Years 2016-2017)

The purpose of this Agreement is to:

  • Recognize mutual environmental goals, strategies, activities, and performance measures.
  • Re-commit to maintain a core level of environmental protection for all of Washington’s residents in a manner that supports and advances environmental justice.
  • Use indicators that reflect environmental conditions, trends, and results to measure environmental progress.
  • Collaborate on opportunities to advance children’s health.
  • Re-commit to collaborate with tribal partners and other states.
  • Describe the joint RCRA Work Plan and resource allocations for managing the federal grant dollars that EPA provides to Ecology for air quality, water quality, and hazardous waste management.

Information about the Agreement, including its development, is provided in the "Publication and Contact Information" section on the Agreement's title page.

If you can't download the document and need a print copy you can request one

You can also view last fiscal years Performance Partnership Agreement - State Fiscal Years 2014 - 2015.




Last update: 8/22/16

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