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Boatyard General Permit

A boatyard is a service business engaged in construction, repair, and maintenance of small vessels, at least 85% of which are 65 feet or less in length, or revenues from which constitute more than 85% of gross receipts. Boatyards include mobile facilities and may build a limited number of custom boats.

Boatyard operations often produce wastewater and stormwater that they must dispose of safely. In accordance with the federal Water Pollution Control Act and state Water Pollution Control laws, Ecology helps to ensure that the disposal of these wastewaters causes no harm to the environment.

Ecology requires boatyard facilities to have an NPDES permit to protect rivers and other water bodies that receive wastewater discharges. More info

Permit Reissuance

Ecology is updating the permit to include new discharge limits for lead from boatyards located on Lake Union and the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Recent monitoring shows persisting lead pollution in these waters. Lead pollution is an environmental problem because it gets into the food chain and can cause harm to people, animals and aquatic life.

The updated permit would also end paper reports on required water quality monitoring. Permitted boatyards would submit the information electronically.

Current Permit

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NEW, updated 7/16/2015 Ongoing Permit Reissuance Process

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