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2014 Water Quality Assessment and Candidate 303(d) List Submittal to EPA for Washington State Using Fresh Water Data

Ecology submitted the 2014 Water Quality Assessment and Candidate 303(d) list to EPA on September 28, 2015 for review and approval. The following were part of the submittal package to EPA:

Washington Submits 2014 Water Quality Assessment to EPA

View the 2014 Assessment:

About the 2014 Water Quality Assessment

This Assessment updates fresh water listings based on data collected. New with this Assessment, we are updating how we map polluted rivers, lakes and streams. We are moving from a land-based system (township/range/section) to a water-based (National Hydrography Layer) system. The mapping change helps us be consistent with other agencies and states, and is strongly recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Assessment fulfills Washington State’s obligation under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) §303(d) and §305(b) to identify polluted waters (known as the 303(d) list) as well as report on the status of water quality statewide where data is available.

Questions about the updates

  • What types of changes were made to the final 2014 Assessment following the public review?
  • What are the number of 2014 Category listings compared with the current 2012 Assessment?
  • What are the number of 303(d) (Category 5) listings by Pollutant compared with the 2012 Assessment?

Background Information on the Draft 2014 Assessment

For questions about the 2014 Water Quality Assessment submittal, please contact:

Patrick Lizon
Water Quality Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Phone: 360-407-6782
E-mail: 303d@ecy.wa.gov


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