Central Regional Office Air Operating Permits

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We are currently re-designing our website. In the coming weeks when our new website launches the permits on these pages will no longer be available online but you can contact us if you would like a copy of a permit in the future.

Permittee Documents Date (most recent listed first)
SDS Lumber Company Air Operating Permit 7-28-15
Statement of Basis 7-28-15
Greater Wenatchee Regional Landfill & Recycling Center Air Operating Permit 5-8-15
Statement of Basis 5-8-15
Goldendale Generating Station Air Operating Permit 8-7-14
Statement of Basis 8-7-14
Roosevelt Regional Landfill Air Operating Permit 6-16-14
Statement of Basis 6-16-14
H.W. Hill Landfill Gas Power Plant
(aka Roosevelt Regional Landfill Biogas Project 1)
Air Operating Permit 11-26-13
Statement of Basis 11-26-13


Draft Notice of Construction Permits

Permittee Documents Public Comment Period (most recent listed first)

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