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Air Quality Program

Ecology Source Test Manual September 20, 2004

Source Test Manual - Procedures For Compliance Testing

Method 8 Particulate Sampling by an Impinger Train 
Method 14 Carbonyl Determination Bisulfite Absorption
Method 17 Combustible Gas Detection Using, Catalytic Oxidation
Method 18 Particulate measurement Using an Intermediate Volume Sampler
Method 19 Particulate Size Using a Cascade Impactor
Method 101 Washington-Oregon 1973 Hog Fuel Boiler Study Committee Method
Method 9A Visual Determination of Opacity for a Three-Minute Standard
Method 9B Visual Determination of Opacity for a Six-Minute Standard
STCM 4 Hydrocarbons Condensables Determination
STCM 5 Dichloromethane Extraction of Filters
STLP 3 Barton Analyzer Calibration
STLP 4 Ecocal Generator Calibration
Conditional Test method (CTM) 038Method 38
Conditional Test method (CTM) 039Method 39

For more information Please Contact: Washington State Department of Ecology, PO Box 47600, Olymnpia, WA 98504-7760, Email: Richard Hibbard, Phone: 360.407.6896, FAX: 360.407.7534

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