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Air Quality Program

We're protecting, preserving, and enhancing the air quality of Washington.

Air quality affects public health, the environment, and quality of life. Air pollution causes lung disease, makes existing heart and lung disease worse, and is associated with cancer.

The Air Quality Program's goal is to safeguard public health and the environment by preventing and reducing air pollution. Washington's main sources of air pollution are motor vehicles, outdoor burning, and wood smoke.

Cars on the freeway in SeattleMotor Vehicles
Find information about emission testing, diesel programs, the "clean car" law, no-idle programs, and other vehicle related issues. Subscribe to receive updated information about Washington's emission testing program.

Picture of a approved wood stove Indoor Burning (Wood Stoves, Fireplaces)
Learn which wood burning devices are legal in Washington, how wood smoke harms your health, and how to reduce wood smoke.

Picture of a legal sized burn pile which is afire Outdoor Burning (Non-Agricultural)
Find out where outdoor burning is banned, what the law says, and what you can do instead of burning.

Picture of a wheat combine Agricultural Burning
Find agricultural burning permit applications and daily burn decisions.

Picture of a clear blue clouded sky Air Monitoring
Learn about Washington's Air Monitoring Network, Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA), Air Quality Studies, and Air Monitoring Procedures.

Picture of an engineer with a clipboard Air Quality Requirements for Business and Industry
Learn about Air Operating Permits, Environmental Permit Handbook, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tier Review, General Orders of Approval, Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, New Source Review/Notice of Construction, Permit Register, PSD, Registration Program.

Picture of a Washington State map Standards and Plans
Learn about air quality standards, nonattainment areas, and State Implementation Plans (SIPs).

Picture of a law books Air Quality Program Rule Making
Find information about current air quality rule making activities.

Picture of a bar graph Air Emissions Inventory
Find how much air pollution is emitted by various sources (Air Emissions Inventory) and get Major Point Source Emissions Inventory Assistance.

Picture of the regional haze from pollution Regional Haze
Get information about Washington's Regional Haze SIP, BART, TransAlta, and Washington's Class I areas.

Picture of the hands being shaken Local Clean Air Agencies
Find the agency responsible for air quality in your county.

grant money Air Quality Program Grants and Loans
Find out what grant opportunities the Air Quality Program offers.

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Ten Simple Ways to Reduce Air Pollution


Climate Change in Washington

News Releases

Other Air Quality Links

see videos on Ecology's YouTube channel Watch videos explaining the health effects of Fine Particle Pollution and the health effects of Ozone Pollution