Washington Clean Diesel Grant Program

Ecology welcomes applications for grants to help reduce emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment.

For details, see diesel grant application.

Who can apply?

What types of clean diesel activities are eligible for grants?

How are applications evaluated?

Ecology will evaluate all applications to determine how the project will cost effectively reduce exposure to diesel emissions and improve public health for Washington’s citizens. In addition, we will prioritize all applications as follows:

Washington Clean Diesel Program Grants

Frequently Asked Questions About the Diesel Grant Program
Grant Guidelines and Application
Diesel Grant Equipment List

Diesel Awards

Clean Diesel Awards (November 2013)


Manson School District Pilot Project

Other Information

Department of Revenue: Truck Stops and Diesel Truck Drivers - Tax Incentives


For more information, contact Cindy James at cindy.james@ecy.wa.gov or (360) 407-6568.