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VW - Federal enforcement action

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We want to know how you think the $112.7 million should be invested

Washington is eligible to receive $112.7 million in Volkswagen settlement money to reduce air pollution from transportation. We want to know where you think the funds should be invested and have opened a survey. You can read a short primer on our blog before you take the survey.

VW Proposed Goals, Principles, and Project Priorities survey results now online

Ecology held an online survey that closed on March 23, 2017 to get feedback from you on our proposed overarching goals, principles, and priorities. Your input will help us draft the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan we will submit to the court appointed Trustee for approval. To view a video on those results visit our FAQs & Information page.

VW "Eligible Categories" webinar now online

Ecology hosted a webinar on April 17, 2017 to go into further detail about the eligible projects the court ordered Mitigation Trust funds can be used for. To view that webinar visit our FAQs & Information page.

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VW - Federal settlement funds

Washington is applying to become a beneficiary of $112.7 million to reduce diesel pollution.


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Consumer relief & affected vehicles

There are about 590,000 affected vehicles nationwide. Approximately 22,000 of them are in Washington.


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