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Air Quality Program

Table of Contents – Regional Haze SIP Appendices

The following appendices (A through M) have been published in a single, large (44MB) PDF file at www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/air/globalwarm_RegHaze/Appendices_ALL.pdf:

APPENDIX A: Western Regional Air Partnership Consultation Process
APPENDIX B: Federal Land Managers Comments and Ecology’s Response to Comments on the Regional Haze State Implementation Plan
APPENDIX C: Additional Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments Information
APPENDIX D: Washington Substitutions
APPENDIX E: Supplementary Information for Setting Reasonable Progress Goals
APPENDIX F: Four Factor Analysis
APPENDIX G: Technical Support System Road Map
APPENDIX H: Best Available Retrofit Technology Modeling Protocol
APPENDIX I: Ecology Alcoa Analysis
APPENDIX J: Best Available Retrofit Technology Process Guidance-Washington Specific
APPENDIX K: Public Notices and Comments and Ecology Response
APPENDIX L: Best Available Retrofit Technology Technical Support Documents and Compliance Orders
APPENDIX M: Model Performance Evaluation


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