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Air Quality Program

Outdoor Burning Permits

The type of burning you are planning and the location of the burn will determine whether or not you need a permit.

Land clearing burning permit

Land clearing burning requires a permit. Land clearing burning means the burning of trees, stumps, shrubs or other natural vegetation. To be eligible for a land clearing permit, the use of the land must be changing. Common changes in use are non-agricultural to agricultural; vacant to residential development; and vacant to commercial development. Land clearing burning is not allowed in some areas, such as urban growth areas (UGA's).

Agricultural burning permit

All agricultural burning requires a permit.

Fire training burning permit

Burning a structure for a fire training exercise might require a Fire Training Permit. If the structure is located within a urban growth area or is within the city limits of a city that has a population of 10,000 people or more, a fire training permit is required.

Asbestos demolition/renovation permit

Whenever a building is going to be demolished, renovated, or burned for fire training purposes, an Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Notification Form must be submitted to the appropriate clean air agency. Forms must be received at least 10 working days before work.

Silvicultural (forest) burning permit

Silvicultural burning, or burning of forest land, is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources.

Other burning permits

Some outdoor burning doesn't fit into the categories above. Burning for wildlife habitat enhancement requires a Burn Permit Application: Special. Even some residential burning can require a special permit.

Burn zone maps

To find out what burn zone you are in, click on a link below to view the map.


Contact the Ecology office or local clean air agency for your area if you have questions about what permit application you need or to find out if burning is allowed in your area: