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Air Quality Program

Business and Industry Requirements

Air pollution control in Washington is based on federal, state, and local laws and rules. EPA, Ecology, and local clean air agencies regulate air quality (Washington clean air agencies). Ecology implements and enforces air quality rules in counties where there is no local clean air agency. Ecology also has authority over aluminum plants, pulp mills, and vehicles.

Asbestos labeling

As of 2013, certain building materials that contain asbestos must be labeled. Asbestos, a naturally-occurring mineral fiber used in a variety of building construction materials, is harmful to human health.

Greenhouse gas reporting

Certain large facilities and transportation fuel suppliers must report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to Ecology.

Health impact assessments (first, second, and third tier review)

There are three levels of review for making permit decisions about projects that emit toxic air pollutants.


Businesses that emit pollution must get an air permit. A permit protects public health and the environment by requiring that businesses comply with all federal and state air rules.

Projects of interest

These are ongoing projects that are of interest because of their scope and/or sensitive nature.

Registration program

The Registration Program is the method Ecology uses to develop and maintain a current and accurate record of industrial and commercial sources of air pollution.


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