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Air Quality Program

Air Quality Requirements for Business and Industry

Air pollution control in Washington is based on federal, state and local laws and regulations. The federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Ecology (Ecology), and local clean air agencies all regulate air quality in our state. Ecology implements and enforces air quality regulations in counties without an air pollution control agency. Ecology also has jurisdiction over primary aluminum plants, pulp mills, vehicles, and vehicle-related sources. Contact local clean air agencies or Ecology regional offices in your area.


Commercial/Industrial Permitting
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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

First, Second, and Third Tier Review Guidance

Chapter 173-460 WAC, Controls For New Sources of Toxic Air Pollutants

Instructions for Ecology's Notice of Construction permit application

Contact local clean air agencies or Ecology regional offices

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Updating New Source Review Fees in Chapter 173-455 WAC