June 9, 2006 Air Permit Register

Agency: Ecology-Eastern Regional Office (ERO)
Agency Contact: David Wendland
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: IM - Issuance of modifications to final permit
Permit Applicant: Walters Power Investors, L.L.C.
Physical Address: 3338 Road M.2 NE, Building 10B, Moses Lake, WA
Physical Address Zip: 98837
Mail Address: 6219 Riviera Drive, Oklahoma City, OK
Zip Code: 73112
Facility Description: 29 duel fuel (diesel/natural gas) engines
ACTUAL: 2004
Total Particulates TPY: 0.36
CO TPY: 0.58
NOX TPY: 0.74
SO2 TPY: 0.16
PM10 TPY: 0.36
VOCs TPY: 0.08
Other TPY: Select Pollutant
Other Pol1utant TPY:  
Comment Period:  
Comment Contact:  
Public Hearing:  
Modification: Change of ownership. Purchased engines from Moses Lake Generating, L.L.C. for resale
Date_Determination: June 6, 2006
Contact: David Wendland
Email: dwen461@ecy.wa.gov


Agency: Northwest Clean Air Agency (NWCAA)
Agency Contact: Dan Mahar
Permit Type: Synthetic Minor
Other Permit: for Methanol
Codes: SM - No operating permit required facility has limited its potential to emit through a "091" order
Permit Applicant: Socco, Inc
Physical Address: 601A West Front Street, Sumas, WA
Physical Address Zip: 98295
Mail Address: 335 Parkplace, Suite G-110, Kirkland, WA
Zip Code: 98033
Facility Description: Lumber kiln drying facility
ACTUAL: 2005
Total Particulates TPY: 4
SO2 TPY:  
PM10 TPY: 4
VOCs TPY: 18
Other TPY: Not Listed - See Box to Right
Other Pol1utant TPY: Methanol 0.7 typ
Comment Period: n/a - done through minor NSR permitting
Comment Contact: Dan Mahar
Public Hearing:  
Date_Determination: 5/24/06
Contact: Dan Mahar
Email: dan@nwcleanair.org